Do you support people with a disability or people who have complex communication needs (CCN)?

Would you like to learn more about how to understand a person’s specific communication needs and how to support them to be active communicators?

Our CCN workshop will:

  • develop your understanding and awareness of some of the difficulties faced by people with CCN
  • recognise the abilities and potential in people who have CCN
  • explore challenges and potential opportunities when supporting people with CCN
  • build your skills to become a strong communication partner
  • assist you in building a supportive communication environment
  • explore and trial examples of Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) tools
  • help you build a communication dictionary/profile for the person(s) you support.

About the facilitator:


Carrie Hudson is a Speech and Language Pathologist with many years of experience working within the disability sector supporting families, carers, allied health staff and individuals with complex communication needs.

Carrie is the Director of Bloom LTS and is passionate about sharing her mission – to raise awareness of the impact of CCN and to ensure that every person has access to a communication system and environment that fosters independence, participation and quality of life.