Bloom is excited to be able to provide you and your child the opportunity to participate in group therapy.

Group therapy is beneficial for children as it has an added social component that is not possible with individual therapy, and your child will receive models from their peers as well as adults.

All groups are small in number to optimise your child’s learning and are facilitated by Bloom’s experienced and innovative Occupational Therapists and Speech Pathologists.

Please contact our friendly admin staff to register your interest in your child attending groups.

Blooming Buddies!

A group for children who are learning social skills (such as taking turns, coping with frustration, compromising) and social use of language (such as staying on topic, sharing ideas with others, and protesting / asserting appropriately).

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A group for children learning to use PODD communication books, where they can practice together in meaningful play and interactions with peers.

Tumbling Tigers

Tumbling Tigers is an active social skills group that focuses on following instructions, playing games with rules and reciprocal play. This group will be run in an enjoyable environment where children can build confidence, muscular development, co-ordination, balance and fine and gross motor skills.

Prep Readiness Group

A group for children getting ready for prep. If your child is enrolled for prep in 2018, this group is essential for learning prep readiness skills, including pre-literacy skills and concept knowledge!

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Busy Bees

A group for toddlers and young children who are learning language through play (and their parents). Focus will be on learning single or two-word combinations, and learning strategies to help children build their understanding of basic concepts and instructions.