Our Speech Pathologist’s and Occupational Therapists are trained and experienced in providing feeding therapy for children. Specifically, they can:

  • assess and treat the child in the context of their family
  • carefully assess and build on the child’s sensory preferences and needs during mealtimes
  • interpret the child’s mealtime behaviour in the context of their motor, cognitive, emotional and language abilities, and use this profile to guide effective language and play within mealtime therapy
  • present foods and fluids in a fun, play-based manner to reduce anxiety related to mealtimes
  • help the child to learn about their own preferences, challenges and experiences with food, and to empower them with the abilities to describe various foods and their feelings in response to those foods
  • empower parents and carer’s to become positive partners during mealtimes, with strategies to cope with challenging mealtime behaviours
  • foster the idea of family mealtimes with a sense of both routine and engagement
  • focus on a child’s strengths and preferences so that they are able to achieve success in managing foods with ‘just noticeable differences’
  • educate parents or carer’s about feeding development, and providing referrals to other Health Professionals as it is deemed to benefit the child