Bloom’s prep readiness group provides the optimal environment to support your child to build the skills and confidence they require for a smooth transition into formal schooling.  Children will be supported to follow a routine in a small group with the support of an occupational therapist and speech pathology therapy aid.

Group sizes are limited to ensure that each child receives the individual focus of our experienced therapist to assist them in achieving their absolute best across each developmental area.

  • Our Prep Readiness Group will focus on assisting children to develop:
  • Gross motor skills(balance, coordination, muscular development)
  • Fine motor skills(cutting, drawing, name-writing and pencil grasp)
  • Language Skills(show and tell, following instructions, storytelling and specific language concepts)
  • Pre-literacy skills(knowledge of rhyming, and letters, sounds, syllables in words)
  • Social and emotional skills(turn taking, win/lose, practice skills in making friends, and complimenting each other’s work)
  • Confidence, self-esteemand independence
  • Thinking and concentration(sitting, listening, paying attention in a group)

The group will also provide an opportunity to trial adaptive equipment and/or visual aids (pencil grips. Wedge cushions, visual schedules etc) which may promote success in the classroom.