Why did you become a occupational therapist?

I had just completed my Biomedical Science degree with the intent of going into medicine. I was working as a disability support worker and a clinical assistant and I was still not 100% sure that being a doctor was for me. A Doctor I worked for told me that she thought I should look into doing OT (at this stage I had no idea what OT even was); once I looked into it I thought it was right up my alley – so I applied straight away.

What are your particular areas of interest?

Fine and gross motor difficulties, feeding, and sensory issues.

Why Bloom?

I secretly (or not so secretly) love working with Speech Pathologist’s and Bloom seemed to have such a caring yet professional feel to it. I also love that Bloom is a relatively new practice – eager to progress and bloom as well !

How do you spend your free time? Any hobbies?

Time with friends and family, watching all types of movies, cooking, going for long walks, and yoga.

These are a few of my favourite things…

Family. Friends. Food. Music. Winnie the Pooh (he is just so wise).

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